School Food

Everyone knows that boys function best on a full tummy!  Our in-house catering team take great pride in producing delicious, well-balanced, home-cooked meals, which are hugely appreciated by pupils and staff alike.  Our soup, sandwiches and cakes for parents’ match tea, on the balcony overlooking the River Thames after sports fixtures, are also very popular! 

Boys and staff eat lunch sitting together in our cafeteria-style dining hall, and we place emphasis on decent table manners and lively conversation.  Snacks, fruit and drinks are regularly provided to the boys throughout the school day to keep energy levels up.

We regularly have themed events such as Language Days (French and Spanish foods), form choice, hog roasts, picnic or barbecue days, when everyone has the opportunity to try new or traditional foods appropriate to the occasion.  Boarders also enjoy occasional themed suppers, and evening barbecues during the summer.

For more on the school food menus, please click below:

School Food Menu