We aim to develop the visual awareness of every boy, and encourage a greater understanding of the surrounding world, in order to study and record it analytically.

The boys are encouraged to develop their visual vocabulary and understanding of the elements of colour, texture, line, tone, pattern, shape and form, in order that they can effectively express their feelings, appreciate the work of others and develop understanding of their own and other peoples’ cultural heritage.

Boys will be given the opportunity to acquire skills and develop a variety of artistic techniques through the use of a variety of media. This in turn should build confidence and allow them to find enjoyment in creative art, providing interests and abilities for life.

Boys wishing to pursue art scholarships at their chosen senior schools are well-prepared and fully supported with portfolio preparation.

Anthony Clements
Head of Art
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Head of Department Profile

Anthony Clements
Head of Art &
Second Master

Games or Art - always difficult to decide which was my favourite subject at school but I proved to be a better artist than cricketer or footballer. Hence after my A levels I went on to study Art and Teaching at King Alfred’s College in Winchester (now Southampton University).  I specialised in printmaking for my degree and qualified with an Honours degree in education in 1982. I met my future wife, Gaby whilst training and we were married in 1983. We both taught at Prep Schools in Surrey until I moved to Moulsford Preparatory School in 1986. We have two children, now through university and forging their own lives away from home.

In my Art teaching, I firmly believe that drawing is a key skill and as such, each topic starts with the boys drawing from life before exploring a wide range of materials and approaches to develop what they have seen. My aim is to enhance the visual awareness of every pupil and encourage a greater understanding of the world around them. Their learning should be challenging and enjoyable and I always respond to their needs regardless of their age and ability so that every pupil can progress and achieve their best.

Other than my teaching responsibilities, over the past 30 years at Moulsford I have had many other roles. Gaby and I ran the Boarding House for 9 years and I have been Second Master since 2001, heavily involved with the day to day organisation and running of the school. I have always been interested in theatre and have been involved in scores of productions over my time at Moulsford, both in building the sets and on the technical side. Moulsford has been a huge part my life and I still get enormous pleasure driving down the drive each morning, seeing the seasons change, watching the staff community and the boys grow up and mature as they move through the school.