Music is highly valued at Moulsford, and the department offers a dynamic, varied and inspirational music education, within an atmosphere of fun, enjoyment and high levels of achievement.

All timetabled music lessons, from Year 3 onwards, are taught by the Director of Music, whilst tuition in an ever increasing range of instrumental and vocal studies is delivered by a talented and well qualified group of visiting music teachers on a weekly basis.  If we don’t have a teacher for your chosen instrument, we will endeavour to acquire one!  Associated Board examinations are arranged each term as boys progress through their grades.

The Music Department is well equipped, always striving to embrace technological advancements, whilst maintaining a strongly rooted classical tradition, with an emphasis on developing musical literacy and confident performing skills.

Over 75% of boys learn at least one instrument, and the school boasts 2 choirs (involving over 120 boys), an orchestra and 3 ensembles, with regular performances for parents and other external audiences.  Those wishing to pursue music scholarships at their chosen senior schools are well-prepared and fully supported.

Trevor Bissell
Director of Music
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Head of Department Profile

Trevor Bissell
Director of Music

Having attended Trinity College of Music for three years, I became both a Music Graduate and a qualified Piano Teacher. I completed my teacher training at The Institute of Education, London University. Moulsford is the fourth school I have taught in, taking up the last 16 years of a 32 year career, to date. The first 16 years were spent in three different state comprehensive schools in and around London. I also studied Double Bass, Bassoon and Singing during my school and college careers.

I love to see children develop a skill that they didn't know they had. Playing a musical instrument affords many benefits, and watching children grow and develop as young musicians brings huge satisfaction. I also love to get children singing. Singing is good for the soul, and there is nothing better than hearing the whole school sing together!

My wife Jan and I have two children - Liam, aged 20, who is studying International Relations at Exeter University, and Molly, 17, who is currently seeking to secure an apprenticeship.  In my spare time I enjoy going to the theatre and the cinema, cooking and eating out, travelling abroad whenever possible and spending time with family and friends.