Head Boy’s Welcome

Moulsford is such an amazing place with so much opportunity. The school provides the perfect nurturing environment, so that as young learners we can achieve both inside and outside the classroom. Six years has flown by since my first day at Moulsford and I’m now in my final year. Whilst I am increasingly reluctant to go, I know that I will leave feeling fully prepared for the rest of my life.

The staff here at Moulsford are amazing classroom teachers. However, they are also so much more than that: they are kayakers, archers, photographers and chess masters (to name but a few of their talents). These supportive and talented teachers are the secret behind so much of Moulsford’s success.

However, the staff who care for us extends beyond our immediate teachers. In fact, everyone at Moulsford is so incredibly supportive: from the maintenance staff who keep our school tidy and well oiled, to the kitchen staff who keep us well fed and happy, to matron who keeps us healthy. There are bound to be others that I’ve missed, but the fact remains that everyone at Moulsford plays a key role in building this very special family environment.

I have so enjoyed my last six years and feel incredibly fortunate that I have been part of this school. I feel very flattered to be leading the student body and look forward to one final year full of the usual Moulsford mix of fun, learning and opportunity.

Rufus S