Once pupils enter Year 3, our Prep School curriculum is designed to extend and enrich learning at all levels, and to prepare children for Pre-Test and Scholarship entry to senior schools at 13+.

Independence in Learning

Independence in learning, self-discipline and taking responsibility are key, as is keeping a sense of fun, exploration and discovery.  Creativity is encouraged in the delivery of lessons and staff make full use of the latest technology (iPads, interactive boards, online ‘anytime, anywhere’ learning systems) to complement and enhance the children's learning.

Image representing Moulsford School's approach to learning, featuring students immersed in various educational activities, fostering curiosity, creativity, and a love for learning, and emphasizing the school's commitment to providing a well-rounded and engaging education.

Rounded Education

Moving up through the Prep school, the focus naturally becomes more academic in the classroom.  However, we know that it is the rounded education and wealth of opportunities that we offer which allow pupils to achieve the best in their learning. We know our pupils very well and small class sizes allow for a personalised educational experience.

Developing skills for life beyond school

A restructured curriculum was successfully introduced in September 2017, which moves away from the full set of Common Entrance exams. The focus is not only to prepare pupils for senior schools, but also to ensure they have the skills for life beyond. The curriculum promotes intellectual agility, encourages pupils to think and analyse critically, makes connections across the subjects and gives plenty of opportunity for creativity and collaboration.

Image representing Moulsford School's approach to learning, showcasing students actively engaged in hands-on and interactive learning experiences, encouraging critical thinking, problem-solving, and a growth mindset.

Exploration and Enquiry

The pupils are encouraged to have a go, take a well-thought-out risk, and, on occasion, fail. Exploration and enquiry is strongly encouraged and Moulsford life aims to develop children’s resilience. While exams remain an important part of school life, Moulsford boys continue to learn much more than how to score highly in summative tests, and regurgitate learned facts.

Progress and Reporting

We aim to keep parents as informed as possible about their child’s progress. There are two sets of full school reports and two sets of progress reports per year, as well as one parents’ evening. In addition, staff are accessible and always very willing to discuss specific concerns.

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