There are so many reasons to study modern foreign languages. Easier travel and technological advances present our pupils with exciting opportunities to experience different languages and cultures. In the current global village in which we live, learning new languages for both communication and academic purposes is a dynamic and very sought-after skill.

We believe that learning a language should be interactive, inspiring and fun. Language teaching at Moulsford incorporates all these elements, through communication with others in a range of contexts. 

We enable our pupils to develop their listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation skills consistently and rapidly, and aim to foster an understanding and awareness of other cultures and their ways of life through Language cultural days, the French breakfast, and the Spanish Tapas lunch.


French is taught from Reception to Year 8.  The highlight for Year 7 is most definitely the residential trip in the summer term!

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Spanish is taught throughout the school from Reception to Year 8.  From Reception to Year 5, it is taught in tandem with French, with each taught in separate terms.  From Year 6 to Year 8, pupils can choose to study it alongside French, instead of Latin.

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