The fees for the Academic Year 2023/2024 are as follows:

Type of FeeAmount
Registration Fee (non-refundable)£75
Acceptance Fee (refunded on final bill)£850

Basic Fees to be paid in Advance

Type of FeeAmount
Boarding School Fee£8,800 per term
Prep School Day Fee£7,035 per term
Pre-Prep Fee£4,710 per term

Pre-School Fees from September 2023

Type of FeeAmount
Pre-School Full-time Fee£4,010 per term
One full day once a week£825 per term
One morning session including lunch once a week£470 per term
One afternoon session once a week£355 per term

Additional Charges

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How to pay Moulsford school fees?

The fees for each term are payable in advance, either on or before the first day of term. Interest is charged on late payment.

How much does it cost to send our child to your boarding school?

Boarding fees are currently £8800 per term for weekly boarding. Flexi boarding is currently charged at £46 per night in advance, on top of the normal day fee of £7035 per term. Please check the Admissions/Fees section for up-to-date figures.