Why Moulsford?

Parents are faced with so many choices when making decisions about their child’s education, and there is no doubt that choosing a school is a huge and emotional commitment.  The following list is designed to summarise why Moulsford might suit you and your son.

Boys only

The choice between single sex and co-education is an ongoing debate, and there are clearly pros and cons to both systems.  At Moulsford, we believe that our boys gain from an environment where everything is geared towards the way boys learn best:

  • Classroom teaching methods – plenty of practical and outdoor learning both in and out of the classroom to keep boys stimulated and physically active while learning.  Teachers know what makes boys tick, and the curriculum and individual lessons are tailored specifically for boys to help them achieve their full academic potential.
  • Approach to manners and discipline – boys respond well to very clear boundaries and firm but fair rules.
  • Involvement in creative activities – Moulsford boys are unhindered by concerns over whether a particular activity or interest is seen as more ‘girly’ than others, eg craft, certain musical instruments, choir etc.  Boys therefore feel able to continue with and succeed in these areas for much longer than perhaps they would feel comfortable doing in a co-educational setting, where they may be more self-conscious.
  • Sport – competitive sport is a vital element of a boy’s development, at whatever age and level they are playing.  The single sex environment allows full advantage to be taken of the grounds and facilities, with teams and coaching to suit all levels of ability.
  • Extra-curricular activities – Moulsford staff can focus entirely on the extra-curricular activities that appeal to boys, thus concentrating effort and resources accordingly, eg bushcraft, judo, airfix modelling etc

Academic Success

We are under no illusions as to the main reason why parents might choose an independent school like Moulsford – they want their boys to achieve the best they possibly can in terms of academic success to take them on to the next stage of senior education.  While we do genuinely believe in educating the ‘whole’ child, our primary focus is in ensuring boys receive an excellent academic grounding and that a love of learning is instilled at Prep School age.

Our results speak for themselves, and we send a high proportion of boys to academically selective schools at 13+, either through the Common Entrance examination or the Academic Scholarship.  However, not every boy is suited to an academically selective senior school, and not every parent wants that for their son.  Our job is to teach each boy as an individual, and to help them achieve academic success at their own level.  We also help guide parents to select a senior school that suits their own son in all respects, and we have excellent links with all our senior schools to help ensure that we achieve this.

The personal development and spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness of all pupils are excellent. 

ISI Report 2013

No lessons on Saturdays

We know how precious family time is, and how important it is to have a break from the weekday routine – this applies to boys, their parents, and staff, allowing everyone to recharge batteries over the weekend.  Moulsford combines all the traditional elements of a Prep School without requiring boys to attend lessons on a Saturday morning.  It then comes down to family choice as to whether that time is used for additional non-school activities, or embracing opportunities to get involved in the local community.

For boys in Year 5 and above, there are regular Saturday sports matches in order to fit in the extensive list of fixtures against other schools, and all boys are expected to attend these when selected.

Boarding or day at senior school?  Keep your options open and enjoy the pastoral care

In considering a senior school, it is difficult for parents to predict whether a day or boarding environment will suit your son.  As a day school with optional boarding, Moulsford offers the flexibility for you to wait and see how your son develops, and then decide whether you want to take advantage of flexi or weekly boarding to help prepare him for a boarding senior school. 

There is absolutely no pressure for boys to board at Moulsford unless they choose to.  However, all boys are beneficiaries of the boarding ethos, with the additional layer of pastoral care it provides, as well as the greater proportion of staff living on site who help to create the wonderful community spirit.