Parents are faced with so many choices when making decisions about their child’s education, and there is no doubt that choosing a school is a huge and emotional commitment. So what makes Moulsford special?

  • Exceptional pastoral care - our no.1 priority is for children to be happy, settled and look forward to coming to school each morning
  • New state-of-the-art Pre-Prep building
  • Top senior schools located nearby
  • Wide variety of scholarships & awards
  • Outstanding extra-curricular programme
  • Competitive sport for all
  • Day, flexi & weekly boarding options
  • 1 hour from central London


Since September 2023, the Pre-Prep (Pre-School to Year 2) is co-educational, and is situated in a superb purpose-designed building which was opened in September 2022. The Prep School (Years 3 - 8) continues to deliver an outstanding all-boys education.

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The Moulsford Experience

Exceptional pastoral care ensures that we know every child really well and that each individual is listened to, supported, encouraged and given the opportunity to flourish.  Our priority is to warmly welcome families into our community.

Excellent academic achievement with foundations laid in the Pre-School to promote curiosity and a love of learning.  Proven success at 13+ with places gained at top senior day and boarding schools, selected carefully to fit each child through close collaboration between the Headmaster and parents.

Wraparound care available to all age groups. From 8.00am to 5.30pm in Pre-School and Pre-Prep, with even more extensive options in the Prep School including breakfast from 7.45am and day boarding until 8.30pm, plus flexi and weekly overnight boarding from Monday to Friday.

Outstanding sports coaching and inclusivity, providing every child with the opportunity to try a broad range of sports to gain confidence and stretch themselves to their personal best.  Competitive fixtures from Year 3, achieving some of the best results on the Prep School circuit at all levels.

Breadth of opportunity in the Arts, with Music, Art, DT and Drama taught by talented specialists using superb facilities and equipment.

Integrated IT education in all aspects of the curriculum, with iPads provided to pupils in Year 3 and above to assist and enhance traditional learning methods

Extra-Curricular options from Reception onwards, with an incredible array of activities offered after school, ranging from ‘bikeability’ and ‘crafty fingers’ in Pre-Prep through to kayaking and climbing for older children. 

Preparation for Year 2 exit for girls to a broad choice of co-ed and single sex schools, with whom Moulsford has excellent links.

Preparation for Year 8 exit for boys to the UK's leading independent schools including Abingdon, Radley, Eton, Harrow, St Edward's Oxford, Wellington, Bradfield, Marlborough, Pangbourne, The Oratory and Shiplake.

Stunning riverside setting provides easy access to river-based activities

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The Moulsford Pre-Prep Experience

The Moulsford Pre-Prep (Pre-School to Year 2) became co-educational from September 2023, giving girls of pre-prep age the opportunity to benefit from a Moulsford experience. 

Our new state-of-the-art Pre-Prep building opened in September 2022 for children up to Year 2. It is an exceptional purpose-built teaching environment in a stunning, eco-friendly barn-style structure with outdoor play areas for each year group and a communal courtyard.

Children of such a young age don’t tend to define their learning or play by gender. By combining boys and girls we are helping them to develop their confidence to talk in front of their peers regardless of gender. 

Laying the foundations of learning and playing together should help children to be tolerant and respectful of each other while building experience in the skills of collaboration, cooperation and compromise.

Our Pre-Prep culture, values, academic curriculum and extensive activities programme have been designed to give the children a diverse, broad and well-rounded education that is directly relevant for modern life.

The boys continue their Moulsford journey into Year 3 and the girls are fully prepared for a Year 2 exit to a broad choice of co-ed and single sex schools, with whom Moulsford has excellent links.

The Moulsford Prep Experience

The Prep School (Years 3 - 8) delivers an outstanding all-boys education.

Plenty of practical and outdoor learning both in and out of the classroom keeps boys stimulated and physically active while learning.  Teachers know what makes boys tick, and the curriculum and individual lessons are tailored specifically for boys to help them achieve their full academic potential.

Our approach to manners and discipline mean boys respond well to very clear boundaries and firm but fair rules.

Competitive sport is a vital element of a boy’s development, at whatever age and level they are playing.  The single sex environment allows full advantage to be taken of the grounds and facilities, with teams and coaching to suit all levels of ability.

Moulsford staff can focus entirely on the extra-curricular activities that appeal to boys, thus concentrating effort and resources accordingly, eg bushcraft, judo, airfix modelling etc

We are under no illusions as to the main reason why parents might choose an independent school like Moulsford – they want their boys to achieve the best they possibly can in terms of academic success to take them on to the next stage of senior education.  While we do genuinely believe in educating the ‘whole’ child, our primary focus is in ensuring boys receive an excellent academic grounding and that a love of learning is instilled at Prep School age.

Our results speak for themselves, and we send a high proportion of boys to academically selective schools at 13+, either through the Common Entrance examination or the Academic Scholarship.  However, not every boy is suited to an academically selective senior school, and not every parent wants that for their son.  Our job is to teach each boy as an individual, and to help them achieve academic success at their own level.  We also help guide parents to select a senior school that suits their own son in all respects, and we have excellent links with all our senior schools to help ensure that we achieve this.

There is no Saturday school at Moulsford. We know how precious family time is, and how important it is to have a break from the weekday routine – this applies to boys, their parents, and staff, allowing everyone to recharge batteries over the weekend.  Moulsford combines all the traditional elements of a Prep School without requiring boys to attend lessons on a Saturday morning. For boys in Year 5 and above, there are regular Saturday sports matches in order to fit in the extensive list of fixtures against other schools, and all boys are expected to attend these when selected.

In considering a senior school, it is difficult for parents to predict whether a day or boarding environment will suit your son.  As a day school with optional boarding, Moulsford offers the flexibility for you to wait and see how your son develops, and then decide whether you want to take advantage of flexi or weekly boarding to help prepare him for a boarding senior school. 

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