Inspection Reports

The 2013 educational ISI report highlighted a number of areas the school excelled at.

A few of the quotes from the report can be found below:

  • The quality of the pupils’ achievements is excellent overall, meeting the school’s aim for pupils’ to maximise their potential and to develop their unique talents and abilities.
  • Pastoral support for pupils is excellent, underpinned by the highly effective relationships between staff and pupils
  • The overall high standard of teaching contributes towards the excellent levels of pupils’ achievement and personal development.  It strongly supports the school’s aims to educate and nurture the whole child, whilst supporting the discovery and fostering of individual talents.
  • Throughout the school, pupils demonstrate a commitment to the fundamental values of integrity, respect and responsibility. They have outstanding inter-personal skills, respecting both their peers and their teachers, and recognising the concept of fair play.
  • The school’s excellent pastoral provision makes a major contribution to the pupils impressive personal development. They are extremely proud of their school and enjoy all aspects.

ISI Inspection Report 2013

ISI REGULATORY Compliance Inspection Report 2017