There are various bus and minibus options for travel to and from Moulsford Prep School.  To enquire about any aspect of bus or minibus transport to Moulsford, please contact the School Office in the first instance.

Coach Service from Shiplake via Henley-On-Thames

Plastows operates a coach service from Shiplake via Henley, and from Bix and Nettlebed to Moulsford specifically for our pupils each weekday morning and three services (the 'early bus', the 'late bus' and the 'late late bus') returning in the evenings. 

There is a termly charge of £665 payable in advance for this service, with a reduced fee of £480 for a second and third child. There is an ad hoc charge of £12 per journey payable in arrears for occasional travellers.

The pick-up and drop off timings for all our services are outlined below.

The Morning Bus from Shiplake

7:40Shiplake (by Plastows Coach)
7:55  Henley Town Hall (by Plastows Coach)
7:45 Bix  (by minibus)
8:00Nettlebed (by minibus)
8:00Nuffield (by minibus)
8:20Arrival at Moulsford

The Afternoon 'Early' Bus

16.20The Early Bus departs Moulsford
16.50Henley-on-Thames, Bell Street
16:55Henley-on-Thames, Station Road
17.00Shiplake Memorial

The Afternoon 'Late' Bus

17.10The Late Bus departs Moulsford
17.40Henley-on-Thames, Bell Street
17.45Henley-on-Thames, Station Road
17.50Shiplake Memorial

The Afternoon 'Late' Bus (Fridays Only)

16:55The Late Bus departs Moulsford
17.25Henley-on-Thames, Bell Street
17.30Henley-on-Thames, Station Road
17.35Shiplake Memorial

The Afternoon 'Late Late' Bus

17.55The Late Late bus departs Moulsford
18.25Henley-on-Thames, Bell Street
18.30Henley-on-Thames, Station Road
18.35Shiplake Memorial

Minibus Services

In addition, the school operates morning-only minibus services as follows: 

Minibus Service from Fingest, via Turville, Northend, Christmas Common, Watlington and Britwell Salome

Minibus Service from Pangbourne via Upper Basildon

Minibus Service from Sonning Common, Kingwood Common, Stoke Row and Checkendon

Additional stops may be possible on the minibus journeys. To enquire about any aspect of bus or minibus transport to Moulsford, please contact the school office. There is a termly charge of £370 payable in advance for the minibus services, with a reduced fee of £240 for a second child. For any ad hoc minibus users, a charge of £12 per journey is added on to your end of term account.

If you would like us to consider other minibus routes in addition to those listed above, please contact the Bursar on 01491 651438.

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