We aim to take pupils back in time to the Ancient World, and especially the Romans and their Empire.

The principal aim is to give the children an introduction to Latin, and to prepare scholarship candidates for the Latin Paper - most of the senior schools still very much welcome candidates who are able to offer Latin and the course provides excellent preparation for those wishing to study the subject in Year 9 onwards. As part of this process the department hopes to:

  • Emphasise the impact the Roman legacy has had on the development of Western
  • Europe and hence the Modern World
  • Introduce the Latin language in a way that makes it relevant to a wider curriculum
  • Teach pupils how to read and write Latin so as to bring this ancient language to life
  • Help develop the pupils’ problem-solving skills
  • Ensure that the children have fun studying this vibrant subject

Latin is offered as an alternative to Spanish for those in Year 6 and above.

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