Hear what others have to say about Moulsford, ranging from published reviews, to prospective and current parents as well as pupils.

What our parents say to us

Prospective parent: “We were delighted to receive your letter offering our son a place at Moulsford Prep School.  When he saw the letter, he punched the air and said hurray!  It really meant a lot to him and to us.”

Prospective parent: “We are so thrilled our son will be joining you in September – many thanks.”

Letter from a current parent following a difficult family time:  “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank you enough or express just how important the school has been in supporting us on this journey.  We are truly grateful for all you’ve done and continue to do – the school has had a large impact in helping us cope.”

What boys said in our in-house survey March 2015

General comments:

  • “I think this school is really good.”
  • “Moulsford is a very friendly school.”
  • “The teachers are very encouraging.”
  • “The way of teaching has increased my academic potential.  The balance between work and play is spot on.”
  • “Moulsford has helped me so much in my academic potential since Year 2.  The sports are really fun, and cater for all abilities so everyone is included.”
  • “There is a good balance between work and play.”
  • “The school is very friendly and helps everyone with their different needs.”
  • “Moulsford is awesome!”
  • “It is really easy to make friends at Moulsford.”
  • “Please could we have an aviation department with a simulator to prepare me for being a pilot in later life?”
  • “The food is great!”
  • “My form tutor is good at helping if I have problems.”
  • “The food is incredible!”
  • “Please keep up house triathlon!”
  • “The school has been excellent for me.”
  • “The food is amazing!”
  • “I love the food, especially the Mediterranean soup!”
  • “It is fun when we get a project and we can work independently and I let my imagination run wild.”
  • “The school is a perfect place for me!”

Pupils on boarding

  • “Boarding is great, it gives you a wide range of activities.”
  • “It’s fun and there are lots of things to do.”
  • “It is great fun and I would advise other boys to board.”
  • “It is a very friendly place that gives you a great balance between prep time and free time and the food is exceptional, with many friendly staff!”

What parents said in our independently conducted survey March 2015

Reasons for choosing the school:

  • “We had so many recommendations and on visiting Moulsford really like the school feel.”
  • “Moulsford has a reputation for producing nice boys; wonderful location on the river and lots of space to roam.”
  • “Lovely location, spoken about highly and close by!”
  • “Reputation for sport.”


General comments

  • “The school has a very special feel and core traditional values.”
  • “We love the traditional elements that make Moulsford boys well behaved with good manners.”
  • “Moulsford has the ability to develop well-rounded, courteous and successful boys in a single sex environment.”
  • “A great family-feel community – each child is valued as an individual.”
  • “All in all, an excellent school for our son.”
  • “We, and our children, are very happy at Moulsford.”
  • “All in all, I think the school is a wonderful place who turned a meek 8 year old into a happy, confident 12 year old.  If I had to describe Moulsford, I would say it is a very happy school.”
  • “Our son is very happy at Moulsford, and that is the most important thing for us.”
  • “I have two boys who love their school and are very happy at Moulsford.”
  • “Overall, Moulsford is an extremely well run school and our boys have been very happy there, and we have also been very pleased as parents.”

Highlights from our most recent inspections, the Independent Schools Inspectorate in 2013, and Ofsted for Boarding in 2010

ISI comments:

  • “The quality of the pupils’ achievements is excellent overall, meeting the school’s aim for pupils’ to maximise their potential and to develop their unique talents and abilities.”
  • “Overall, pupils in the main school make excellent progress, achieving high academic standards by the time they leave the school.”
  • “The excellent curriculum, programme of sport, wide range of extra-curricular activities, combined with excellent resources, supports the needs of all pupils.”
  • “… achievement and progress, is largely the result of high quality teaching overall, strongly supported by an efficient tracking and target setting system.”
  • “Pupils are extremely polite, caring, enthusiastic, respectful and exceptionally well behaved.”
  • “Pastoral support for pupils is excellent, underpinned by the highly effective relationships between staff and pupils.”
  • “Governance is excellent.  Governors are highly committed to the school and play an important part in its development.”
  • “Excellent and strong leadership provides clear educational direction for the school, within a supportive and caring ethos.”
  • “The school maintains excellent and highly positive relationships with its local community.”
  • “The overall high standard of teaching contributes towards the excellent levels of pupils’ achievement and personal development.  It strongly supports the school’s aims to educate and nurture the whole child, whilst supporting the discovery and fostering of individual talents.”
  • “The teachers’ enthusiasm for the subjects is clearly evident.”
  • “Throughout the school, pupils demonstrate a commitment to the fundamental values of integrity, respect and responsibility.  They have outstanding inter-personal skills, respecting both their peers and their teachers, and recognising the concept of fair play.”
  • “By the time they leave school, pupils are confident, mature and self-aware with an excellent understanding of their responsibilities.”
  • “Staff know the pupils extremely well, and the excellent relationships between staff and pupils and amongst pupils themselves contribute strongly to the high levels of achievement.”
  • “The school’s excellent pastoral provision makes a major contribution to the pupils impressive personal development.  They are extremely proud of their school and enjoy all aspects.”
  • “Boarding staff have a deep commitment to the boys in their care to ensure that all boarders are happy and the boarding house runs smoothly and harmoniously.

Ofsted Boarding:

  • “Boarders comment on there being a lot for them to do and enjoying spending time with their friends.”
  • “Boarders enjoy the good balance between work and play.”
  • “Boarders have access to an outstanding range of activities during their free periods.”
  • “The boarders are cared for by a dedicated and committed boarding team.”
  • “An outstanding aspect of the school is its commitment to listening and consulting with the boarders.  This enables boarders to affect change and make their views and opinions known.”
  • “Boarders describe the matrons as being ‘fantastic and caring’ and being ‘really helpful if you are feeling unwell’.”
  • “Parents comment on there being a ‘good balance of discipline and freedom’.”

Quotes from Good Schools Guide, Tatler Schools’ Guide and other reviews

Quote from Good Schools Guide, review carried out June 2015

  • “General consensus from parents is that teaching is ‘brilliant’.”

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Quotes from Tatler Schools Guide, 2016

  • “We are big fans of Ben and Sarah Beardmore-Gray, who have now arrived at all-boys prep Moulsford.”
  • “The school has a knockout setting on the Thames…”
  • “… top school and brilliant staff, but expect it to be taken to the next level: more extracurricular options, more technology – as much Airfix club as iPads.”
  • “Our spy was bowled over by Moulsford and felt her mini-guides were incredibly lucky to be there.”

Muddy Stilettos online blog – school review carried out June 2015

  • “perhaps the biggest selling point sports wise for the school is its watery USP. It offers comprehensive water sports including kayaking, canoeing and even dinghy sailing where kids can go up to ‘Goose Poo Island’ for the full Swallows & Amazons experience.”
  • “Also, as there are no girls around, it’s not regarded sissy to play more girl-friendly instruments like the flute or harp (both of which are taught here), or to join the orchestra.”
  • “the school choir is massively oversubscribed at Moulsford and is seen as a cool thing to do.”
  • “I grilled five Moulsford kids for half an hour, really lovely normal boys forced to be interrogated by your cynical Muddy correspondent on their break time, and they were all desperate to find out if they’d got into choir. This ability to take on activities co-ed boys are reluctant to try does seem to be one real benefit for the boy-only environment.”
  • “On the technology front, there’s a swanky new ICT suite, and a trial at the mo where Y4 each have their own ipads.”
  • “it didn’t seem academically snooty, with the kids I met putting equal emphasis on achievement in any sphere.”
  • “the quintessential English prep school, big on sport, academics, the arts, and manners”
  • “Also worth a mention of manners which were really excellent. I stuck my nose into loads of classes (which are small as you’d expect – between 16-18 kids in each). All the kids stood up as I came in, were calm and well-behaved, and looked me in the eye when they chatted to me.”
  • “The mums I spoke to are extremely pro Moulsford and like the new head and the changes he’s implementing.”

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