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2017 was a fantastic year for the Moulsford Parents Association with events ranging from the Headmaster’s Quiz, through to Bonfire Night, Cabaret Night, the hugely popular Christmas Fair and the much talked about Mad Hatters’ Ball.  These events are great fun but also raise a lot of money and the MPA are grateful for the generosity of parents each and every year.  Your support enables us to continue providing equipment that directly benefits the boys in the classroom, on the sports field, in the music room, the theatre or the playground.  With the introduction this academic year of the new and varied activities programme, the requests from both the staff and the boys for new equipment have been more diverse than ever!

The boys are lucky to have such a gorgeous riverside setting and in the summer the river will be used more than ever before with the purchase of more kayaks and canoes, paddle boards and sailing boats.  Mr Symonds is certainly looking forward to getting stuck in with more watersports.

Technology, IT, Art and Design have all featured heavily in our purchasing, with three more 3D printers bought, enabling more boys to get creative and the Oh Bots (an educational robotics system designed to stretch computational thinking and understanding of computer science) are another great addition.

One of the most popular purchases has been the Goblin kits, which enable the boys to work together to build their own cars (which can then be driven by a person!).  The beauty of the kits is that they can then be dismantled, allowing the next group to have a turn.  Although these are used by the older boys, the younger boys are equally as impressed by what they can see!

In the theatre, the boys have more lighting and new theatre masks and the new samba drum sets have been very popular, allowing boys who may not play a musical instrument the opportunity to explore rhythm and musicality in a new way.

Out in the garden, the boys have new planters for the gardening hobby and we can’t wait for the warmer weather so that we can go and have a look at the fruits of the boys labour! 

Our 2017 purchases have been topped off with new Meccano sets and some fantastic additions to the climbing wall.

All this is only possible with your support, so thanks once again.

If you would like to find out more about joining the MPA, we shall be holding a coffee morning after half term.

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