Pastoral Care

Above all, we want boys to be happy and enjoy coming to school

Our aim to provide exceptional pastoral care permeates every aspect of life within the school.  Our core values of respect, compassion and independence are at the heart of all that we do.  Expectations are high, in terms of manners, discipline and general behaviour, and the boys respond accordingly.

There is a strong rapport between staff and boys, and a sense of mutual respect which comes through working together in a supportive and caring environment. We treat each pupil as an individual, and provide the framework to support and promote growing confidence and self-assurance.

That framework includes regular school assemblies with many and varied moral messages, frequent talks by outside speakers, and workshops run by staff, as well as support and regular visits from the Reverend Andrew Petit, vicar of Moulsford.  Examples of recent subjects vary from Anti-Bullying Week, including a workshop on Cyber Bullying, to a talk from the youngest Briton to successfully summit Mount Everest, Jake Meyer, to Dyspraxia and Dyslexia Awareness assemblies.

Structural support is provided by Heads of Year who have an overview of the social dynamic across an entire year group.  In my role as one of two Deputy Heads, I have specific responsibility for pastoral care throughout the school.

We believe that boys should make the most of their abilities whatever the activity – be it academic, drama, music, sport, art or technology – whether as part of the curriculum or through the extensive activities programme.  Success breeds success: achievement in one area leads to greater self-belief and higher attainment in others.  We are entirely committed to helping each boy gain this sense of achievement, and provide multiple opportunities to encourage boys to find their niche.

Jim Hamilton-Smith
Deputy Head, Pastoral

Head of Department Profile


As Deputy Head in charge of Pastoral Care, my overriding concern is that all the pupils are safe and happy here at Moulsford. Fortunately due to the strong sense of community, the boys quickly feel at ease in school.  With happiness grows confidence, which allows all the boys to develop, and fulfil their potential in all areas of school life. I am a stickler for manners and we all pride ourselves on the fact that Moulsford boys know how to behave and how to present themselves to the highest standards both in school and at home.

On a personal front, rugby has long been my past time of choice, although nowadays more from a coaching point of view, or indeed from the sidelines as a spectator when my son is playing. I enjoy golf when I can find the time, and the acronym MAMIL (Middle Aged Men in Lycra) may soon also apply as I have recently discovered the joy of road cycling!

Heads of Year

Heads of Year play a vital role in overseeing both pastoral and academic matters across their year group.

As Form Teachers themselves, they have regular contact with all the boys in the year, taking a global view of their progress in all areas of school life.  As each year passes and boys progress through the school, the Heads of Year work closely together to ensure smooth transition and continuity of care and support.

The Heads of Year are as follows:

Year Head
Year 3 Mrs Gaby Clements
Year 4 Mrs Clare Symonds
Year 5 Mr Markus Orgill
Year 6 Mr Gilbert Watson
Year 7 Mr Henry Weeks
Year 8 Miss Jessica Roberts

The House System

Belonging to a House provides another layer of support and across-year friendships.

There is a strong House system and allegiance at Moulsford. All boys in the School are divided into four houses which are named after distinguished explorers – Amundsen (red), Bering (blue), Cabot (green), and Drake (yellow).

The Houses provide a framework for healthy internal competitions including academic, sporting, music and arts.  There are elections for positions of responsibility within each House, and all boys contribute to the House Point total, earned through general positive behaviour and Acts of Random Kindness (ARK).

Learning for Life

Learning for Life (LFL), is a planned programme of learning that provides a framework for the individual development of every Moulsford boy.  It incorporates nine key areas and aims to bring a breadth of experience that is inclusive, progressive and age appropriate.  

The nine key areas are:

Form issues/projects Economic Understanding Problem solving
Health and wellbeing Survival skills Public speaking
Careers guidance Social skils Study skills

It is taught through classroom-based lessons but it is also includes experiences that the boys have when outside the classroom. These may include outside speakers, workshops or trips out of school. Recent examples vary from a lecture by Professor Rob Price from Bath University on Biomimetics (the imitation of the models, systems and elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex human problems), to a talk by Mr Alistair Eykyn, a sports commentator for the BBC.

Medical Matters

Our team of trained First Aiders provide basic care for children that hurt themselves, or are feeling unwell, while at school.  Angela Heslop is responsible for the daily medical needs of the boys.  She runs surgeries during the week, communicating to parents and staff any medical and welfare issues.  Angela Heslop is also the boarding matron, and together with the boarding house parents, Jaimie and Sally Noble, offers overnight care.

Please click here for advice on head injuries.

School Food

Everyone knows that boys function best on a full tummy!  Our in-house catering team take great pride in producing delicious, well-balanced, home-cooked meals, which are hugely appreciated by pupils and staff alike.  Our soup, sandwiches and cakes for parents’ match tea, on the balcony overlooking the River Thames after sports fixtures, are also very popular! 

Boys and staff eat lunch sitting together in our cafeteria-style dining hall, and we place emphasis on decent table manners and lively conversation.  Snacks, fruit and drinks are regularly provided to the boys throughout the school day to keep energy levels up.

We regularly have themed events such as Language Days (French and Spanish foods), form choice, hog roasts, picnic or barbecue days, when everyone has the opportunity to try new or traditional foods appropriate to the occasion.  Boarders also enjoy occasional themed suppers, and evening barbecues during the summer.

To see a menu please click below:

School Food Menu