Design Technology

A ‘hands on’ approach supported by expert guidance makes DT a highly popular and hugely enjoyed subject.

All boys from Reception to Year 8 study Design and Technology.  From Year 3 to Year 8, boys have a double lesson per week in the specially equipped workshop.  The room boasts a band saw, a disc sander, 4 scroll saws, a vacuum former, a dome blower, strip heaters, CAD/CAM plotters and a 3D printer.  Boys work in woods, plastics, metals, fabrics, on computers and iPads, and learn technical drawing techniques, amongst many other skills. 

We embrace old fashioned, hands-on techniques as well as keeping up with new developments in technology, giving boys a firm grounding in the subject to take on to their senior school.  DT scholarships are available at some senior schools, and any boy interested in pursuing this route is fully supported with portfolio preparation.

Jess Roberts
Head of Design Technology
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Head of Department Profile

Jess Roberts
Head of Design & Technology

I went to school in Cardiff, successfully gaining the Art, DT and Maths A levels required to go into some area of design. Then after studying at Howard Gardens for an Art Foundation went on to gain a BA Hons degree in Theatre Design from The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. I was lucky enough to be employed as a scenic artist straight away for the Torch Theatre as well as gaining much freelance employment from a variety of television companies as a props maker and set builder. I took the summers off to spend time in Jersey and work as a mural painter for cafes, bars and clubs and live in a tent on the beach!

After three years of following this very nomadic lifestyle, I decided that perhaps I should gain a teaching qualification with a mind to putting down some roots. I gained my PGCE in Design and Technology at the University of Wales and was lucky enough to have my name passed to Moulsford by my course leader, as he had heard they were looking for someone to take over the department. I have been here ever since and have loved every minute of it.

Teaching a practical subject and one that 99% of the boys love, makes my job a very enviable one. I am allowed the pleasure of getting to know the boys well, as I teach them all through the school. I am also passionate about my subject area so it is an honour to be able to spend my time doing and teaching something that I love. Design and Technology covers such a wide range of disciplines, there is something there for everyone!

In my spare time my biggest hobby is walking my dog, Pablo. When that is done I am quite keen on keeping fit so regularly visit the gym. I love to travel, anywhere and everywhere. I spent the Summer of 2014 in South Africa on the Rugby Tour and the Summer before that working in a jaguar rehabilitation centre in the jungle of Belize. I drive a yellow transit van which I am in the process of converting into a camper, so that I can travel more extensively around Europe in the future, if the engine lasts that long! I read a lot and I am a fan of many types of music – despite being tone deaf! I like to go to the theatre, mainly to see the sets but I sometimes enjoy the acting as well. I am interested in child psychology and hope to study in this area at some point in the future.