Pre-Prep Head's Welcome

The Pre-Prep is the start of the journey into Moulsford. Our days are fuelled with fun and laughter!  Our Pre-Prep is driven by an overriding importance of ensuring every boy feels safe and secure within our environment to enpower him to make the very most out of our stunning location, talented staff and our understanding of how to get the very best from boys.

Our class sizes naturally allow each boy to form solid friendships and effective working relationships with their teachers and assistants.   A rich and varied curriculum provides stimulation and breadth of discovery, looking both to the past and to the future, preparing today’s boys for tomorrow’s world. Art, Judo, Drama, French and Spanish, Music, PE and Forest School are all taught by specialist teachers within our Pre-Prep.

The opportunities to grow and be nurtured within the Pre-Prep department are vast and significant within these formative years. The delights of the Moulsford Pre-Prep are full of awe and wonder; personalities are celebrated, feelings discovered and memories are made.

We look forward to meeting you and your sons soon.

For a glimpse into life in the Pre-Prep, you can watch this short video by clicking on the arrow below.

Nikki Hartley
Head of Pre-Prep

Head of Pre-Prep Profile

Head of PRE-PREP

At the age of 16 I was lucky enough to spend my obligatory work experience at a beautiful all boys prep school in Berkshire. This opportunity ignited a curiosity, desire and drive to ensure my career path would be firmly set on that of education.

I completed my BSc in Education and Psychology before embarking on a PGCE at Cambridge University. I have relished every day I have had in a school environment since graduating and have continued to learn and develop gaining both a Post Graduate Certificate in Advanced Early Years and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education.

As a mother of two Pre-Prep boys I understand the importance of keeping little boys busy and moving. Therefore, the boys are at the very centre of our learning experience. Their needs, interests and energy fuel a curriculum that is dynamic and responsive to their enquiring young minds. My overriding aim is to create an environment that ensures boys are emotionally secure, happy and learning. Being immersed in the noise, energy and love of the most excitable and receptive little boys on the planet is an absolute privilege each day.

My weekends are reflective of my weekdays and are spent with my children. My favourite pastime is undoubtedly building Lego on a Sunday morning, recreating a plethora of incomprehensible vehicles, blasting into space or designing the latest superhero lair!