Prep Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed specifically to suit boys, to extend and enrich learning at all levels, and to prepare them for Common Entrance and Scholarship entry to senior schools at 13+.

Independence in learning, self-discipline and taking responsibility are key, as is keeping a sense of fun, exploration and discovery.  Creativity is encouraged in the delivery of lessons and staff make full use of the latest technology (iPads, interactive boards, online ‘anytime, anywhere’ learning systems) to complement and enhance the boys’ learning.

The sense of exploration and adventure is continued from Pre-Prep into the Prep School.  Whilst the focus naturally becomes more academic in the classroom, we know that it is the rounded education and wealth of opportunities that we offer which allow boys to achieve the best in their learning. We know our boys very well and small class sizes allow for a personalised educational experience.

Lessons in Year 3 are class taught, with all pupils studying Maths, English, Science, French/Spanish, History, Geography, Religious Studies, ICT, Design and Technology, Music, Art and Drama.  In Year 4, while lessons are still predominantly class taught, boys are beginning to move between classrooms in readiness for increased independence as they move up the school.  From Year 5, Latin is introduced, and pupils have a choice between following the Latin or Spanish course.

In Years 7 and 8, boys study for either Common Entrance or Scholarship exams, both of which prepare them for entry to their senior school at 13+.

Each year, every boy in the school is tested with online, standardised tests. These are fun to do and they provide staff with an accurate picture of current attainment levels and progress in English, Maths and Reasoning. Alongside this, boys sit internal, subject-based assessments. They range from informal tests in Year 3 to full Common Entrance and Scholarship mock exams in Year 8.

We aim to keep parents as informed as possible about their son’s progress. There are two sets of full school reports and two sets of progress reports per year, as well as one parents’ evening. In addition, staff are accessible and always very willing to discuss specific concerns.

Tiffany Squire
Deputy Head (Academic) & Director of IT

Prep School Day

A typical day in the Prep School runs as follows:

Time Activity Description
07:15 Boarders' wake up call Wash, dress and make bed
07:45 Boarders' breakfast & Breakfast Club for day boys A choice of cereal, toast and a cooked breakfast
08:00 Day boys arrive from now  
08:25 Form period Registration and a chance to get organised for the day
08:40 Assembly A chance to reflect on a moral message and say prayers
09:00 Lessons 1-4 Some are double lessons, especially for seniors
11:00 Break A chance for a drink, snack, fresh air and a run around
11:20 Lessons 5-6  
12:20 Lunchtime Activities & Lunch A delicious home-cooked lunch or choice of freshly prepared salads followed by pudding
13:30 Afternoon Registration & Reading A chance to catch up with Form Tutors
13:45 Games or Lessons 7-8 No lessons on Wednesdays afternoons
14:45 Snack break Re-fuel before games/lessons
14:55 Games/lessons reversed Juniors have 4 games sessions per week
Seniors have 3 games sessions per week plus Saturday matches
16:00 School day ends Day boys can go home
16:05 Snack break Drink and a snack for boarders and those staying for Prep/Hobbies

Senior Prep or Junior Activities

Supervised prep session or activities
16:45 Senior Activities A choice of optional structured extra-curricular activities
17:00 Home time for Juniors, and Seniors not staying for Activities End of Day care for siblings available
17:45 Home time for all day boys Break for boarders, change into home clothes
18:15 Boarders' supper An informal and relaxed home-cooked meal
19:30 Free time A chance to unwind before bedtime
20:00 Day boarders go home  
20:15 Bedtime Staggered by age group: fruit, hot chocolate and
20:45 Lights out Staggered by age group, through to 21.15


“To learn to read is to light a fire” — Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

At Moulsford we are keen to foster a love of reading amongst the boys as early as we can as
this will undoubtedly stand them in good stead in all that they do throughout their lives.
The Moulsford library is housed in what was originally the dining room of the main house.  It
overlooks the outdoor swimming pool and the River Thames beyond, and is a wonderfully
tranquil and peaceful room.  A recent refurbishment has created a calm and very
comfortable space where boys are welcome to come and borrow books, read, study and

For some reading comes easily and for others it is more challenging. With this in mind, we
aim to offer suitable books and incentives to establish good reading habits for all of the boys,
irrespective of their reading ability.

As a school we have recently invested in a programme called “Accelerated Reader” (AR).
This has a proven track record in both the independent and state sectors in terms of helping
boys to read more and to read at the right level, thus improving their reading skills more
quickly than would otherwise have been the case. Alongside this, AR also allows teaching
staff to see more clearly and quickly what boys are reading and whether they have an
understanding of the texts.

Boys are able to select books from the library and their classrooms on the basis of the AR
level as well as by interest. Teaching staff and the Librarian are on hand to make reading
suggestions and to help boys to consider their reading choices. We keep a collection of
classical titles, poetry and more popular books, as well as a selection of non-fiction books.

As well as books the library also has a number of weekly and monthly publications available
for boys to browse in the library.

Book suggestions from boys always meet a favourable response, both to continue the
establishment of the individual’s reading journey and as a potential source of interest for

Book reviews, book clubs and competitions all serve to garner the boys’ interest in books
and reading. We also follow the many book awards that take place annually, take boys to the
Henley Children’s Literary Festival and invite authors and relevant speakers into school in an
attempt to make reading exciting for all.

Should you have any questions at all about the library then please do contact me.

Carol Rees,



Boys need downtime to relax and run around.

We do our best to strike the right balance between providing opportunities to reinforce learning outside of class, in the form of prep and homework, as well as giving them free time at the end of a busy school day.

Boys in Year 3 and 4 have ‘standing homework’ of times tables and spellings; they will also have other tasks to do from time to time at home.

From Year 5 onwards, boys are expected to complete regular homework on a daily basis, and are encouraged to learn to manage their time and respond to deadlines.  The amount given is gradually increased as boys progress through the school, with form teachers and Heads of Year monitoring overall quantity to ensure there is a good balance and appropriate amount across all the subjects.

Boys from Year 4 to 8 are required to complete 15 minutes of touch typing exercises each week.  We actively encourage all boys throughout the school to read for pleasure alongside any homework they receive.

Preparation for Senior Schools

Moulsford prepares boys for a wide range of both boarding and day, co-ed and single sex senior schools for entry at 13+. 

A close dialogue is established between Moulsford, parents and senior schools to help parents decide which one will suit their son best.  This process generally starts in Year 5, but the Headmaster is available at any stage in a boy’s career at Moulsford to advise and guide families through the 13+ entry process.

Our curriculum and internal mock exam programme is designed specifically to prepare boys for Common Entrance and Scholarship entry at 13+.  The Scholarship class operates in parallel with the last two years of Common Entrance preparation.  Boys identified as potential scholars cover all aspects of the Common Entrance syllabus, whilst studying in greater breadth and depth to prepare them for the challenging nature of the scholarship exams.

‘The interview’ is becoming an increasingly important part of the selection process for senior schools.  With this in mind, we routinely give boys comprehensive practice interviews and preparation guidance before they go to their assessment days.

Our chief aim is to match each boy with a senior school that suits his particular strengths and academic ability, so that he is comfortably stretched when graduating to his new environment.