The aim of the History Department at Moulsford is simple - to make learning about the past as fun as possible!

We feel lucky to teach such a varied subject that really does have 'something for everyone', so even if you don't like Kings and battles you can always focus on the ordinary people behind the scenes, or perhaps even imagine you lived at a particular time and compare it to how we live now?

We look for connections with other subjects all the time so English, Geography and RS are all regularly linked to our study, with Science becoming increasingly relevant in more recent times. The boys are taught chronologically from Year 5 until the end of Year 8, so events are seen as moving forwards towards today.  We love working outside, which is a key part of our preferred learning style – for example, re-enacting the Battle of Trafalgar in a fleet of kayaks, canoes and rafts on the River Thames.

As such we hope that every boy will leave Moulsford with a love of history that will not only be taken to their next school, but also through into their later life.

Jim Hamilton-Smith
Head of History and Deputy Head (Pastoral)
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Head of Department Profile

Head of History

My love of History developed at school and can be largely attributed to a dynamic teacher who fuelled my passion for the subject. I try to bring the subject alive in a similar fashion and History at Moulsford is very much about enjoyment and discovery, as much as learning.

On a personal front, rugby has long been my past time of choice, although nowadays more from a coaching point of view, or indeed from the sidelines as a spectator when my son is playing. I enjoy golf when I can find the time, and the acronym MAMIL (Middle Aged Men in Lycra) may soon also apply as I have recently discovered the joy of road cycling!