In the maths department, our objective is to provide a learning environment and range of experiences which will develop pupils' confidence, allow each child to make the optimum progress and inspire a love of mathematical enquiry.

We aim to develop our students into confident, analytical and problem-solving thinkers through lessons that are meaningful, engaging and challenging. Effort and achievement are praised equally to create and encourage a positive and confident approach to Mathematics.

Core skills are at the heart of our junior maths syllabus with students following a mastery curriculum encouraging them to make connections across mathematical topics, sustain their understanding and build on prior learning. In following this approach, they build a rich canvas of learnt experiences that makes them not only better mathematicians but better learners altogether.

In Years 7 and 8 students prepare for their mathematical journey beyond Moulsford. Lessons offer regular opportunities for problem solving and investigative work and collaboration is actively encouraged in order to aid the development of effective reasoning skills. Students are stretched not through acceleration but by providing extra depth, in particular by using a wide range of harder questions and problems.

By encouraging mathematical thinking and reasoning, we expect students to question the world around them and unravel assumptions to arrive at their own logical conclusions.

Each year, children from each year group are encouraged to take part in a range of maths competitions, which we hope fosters an enjoyment and appreciation of both the broader applications of mathematics and of the pursuit of mathematical truth itself.

Michelle Guy
Head of Mathematics
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Michelle Guy
Head of Maths