The fundamental purpose of Physical Education is to ensure that all children, regardless of ability, are given the opportunity to express themselves physically in a number of different sport and exercise environments with the primary aims of enjoyment and improvement. 

The children are encouraged to develop skill and self-discipline, thus stimulating enjoyment, satisfaction and a sense of achievement.  Our children are offered a broad and balanced curriculum, allowing for enough differentiation to meet the variety of needs, ages, abilities and interests of the children.

Our PE sessions cover a huge variety of activities including gymnastics, dance, athletics, swimming, climbing, racquet sports and invasion games.  All lessons involve an athletic development focus so that we can enable boys to become as physically literate as possible.  This includes skills such as acceleration, agility and jumping amongst many others.

We would like every boy to leave Moulsford with a positive experience of sport and exercise
and the personal ambition to continue them as part of a healthy lifestyle and lifelong
participation in sport/exercise.We aim to provide physical education of the highest quality
and promote excellence and encourage enjoyment in all fields.

Talent is nurtured and personal achievement in PE is emphasised at all levels.  The desirable
outcomes of our PE curriculum include developing self-esteem and confidence in all pupils.
Courtesy, good manners and a high level of sportsmanship are also demanded from the boys
at all times.

Throughout the Prep School, all boys have a double timetabled PE session per week, with the PE timetable designed to complement the Games curriculum in the development of well-rounded athletes and games players.


Markus Orgill Head of PE

Head of Department Profile


I have been a PE teacher since September 2013 and was inspired by my love of sport from an early age to set out upon this career path. Some of my biggest influences growing up were my PE teachers. They were so passionate about what they did and seemed to genuinely love every day they spent at work so I was keen to try it for myself and it has not disappointed!

I have always loved sport and the process of helping others to improve. I swam competitively to a high level during my teenage and University years and have since moved in to swimming coaching which I do alongside my job at Moulsford. My other sporting passion is triathlon and I train regularly to improve my performance in this field, having completed Ironman
races amongst others in the past.

I am a huge fan of rugby and have been a Northampton Saints fan from a very young age.  The rugby at Moulsford is second to none and I have loved going on the recent tours to South Africa in 2016 and 2018.

Away from sport and school my girlfriend and I recently bought our first house together and we spend a lot of my time during the holidays renovating and decorating it. But when we’re not kept busy by the house we love to travel and, as we are both teachers, the holidays offer the perfect opportunity to explore.