Religious Studies

Religious Studies at Moulsford aims to be as relevant as possible to today’s society whilst retaining a traditional Biblical grounding.

The boys study world religions, contemporary issues, historical figures, current affairs and moral dilemmas. This goes towards acquiring the knowledge and tools required to succeed in modern Britain. Religious Studies makes a unique and dynamic contribution to the spiritual, moral and cultural development of our pupils. We aim for them to think and question independently, to reflect on their own experience and beliefs, and to begin to develop a personal understanding and view on spiritual and moral matters in an open, honest and informed manner. 

Philosophy and thinking skills are also an integral part of the curriculum. The department uses a variety of media from display artefacts, to audio-visual material, music, cultural insights, and wherever possible and appropriate, external visits and outside speakers. We have embraced the use of ICT, particularly with online discussions and collaborative pieces of work.

In Years 7 and 8, the Common Entrance Religious Studies syllabus is followed, preparing the children for their external examination to their senior schools which is sat at the end of Year 8. Those who are being prepared for scholarship will have a slightly different two year syllabus based on religious texts, ethics and philosophy which begins in Year 7 and which is more challenging in recognition of the papers the children will sit.

The Religious Studies department at Moulsford shares fully in the Government’s belief in the importance of promoting spiritual, moral, cultural, social and emotional development in children.

Henry Weeks
Head of Religious Studies
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Head of Department Profile

Henry Weeks
Head of Religious Studies

I grew up in the West Country and went to both prep and senior school in the beautiful city of Bath. After completing my A Levels, I attended Westminster College Oxford where I studied for a teaching degree. My first foray into the workplace was at a primary school in Buckinghamshire where I learnt to adapt to the many interesting scenarios that the classroom can throw at you. Whilst I was there, I worked alongside Mr Clements' sister-in-law who alerted me to a job at Moulsford.

Eleven years later, I am still here and have now moved on to teaching my third different subject! Moulsford is a very special place and I have enjoyed seeing boys develop both inside and outside of the classroom. However, it is a bit scary that members of my first Year 3 group are now back as gap students!

Growing up in Bath meant that there was only one real club to support on the rugby field. As a result, Bath Rugby is one of my real passions outside of school. I am a season ticket holder and get back when I can to watch them play. I also enjoy country sports and am particularly keen on shooting. After being inspired to take up golf when I first started Moulsford, I can report that I am still a 'social' golfer and am probably more proficient on the 19th hole than any other!