4GS Form Assembly

Life Lessons

On Thursday 4GS performed mini presentations to symbolise life lessons they have learnt throughout the year. 

The first life lesson was for a stress free life.  The boys used a glass of water to explain that if you hold onto it all day, it can become tiring and you will feel incapable of doing anything else.  However, if you put the glass down and let it go, or share it with someone you trust, it will feel more manageable. 

The second life lesson was symbolised with a pencil to demonstrate skills for a successful life:

  • Sharpening it is painful, but is essential for a useful pencil. 
  • Just like the rubber, you can always correct any mistakes you make along the way.
  • Everywhere you use it, you will leave a mark so think of stumbling blocks as stepping stones.
  • Always remember that the most important part of you … is what’s inside … is what’s inside … just like this pencil. (You had to be there!) 

The third life lesson was for a happier life.  The boys showed that a jar can represent your life: 

  • Golf balls are the things that really matter (such as family, health or education);
  • Pebbles are the smaller things that still matter but are less important (such as schools sports teams and clubs);
  • Sand represents material possessions (such as your video games, ice cream or pizza).  If you put the sand in the jar first, you won’t have room for the pebbles and the golf balls. 

The same is true in life – if you choose to spend all your time and energy on the small stuff, you won’t have time for the more important things that matter to you.

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