Senior School Preparation Day
Talks and Assemblies SMT

Year 5 focus on the admissions process

On Tuesday, Year 5 spent the morning hearing about the process for applying for Senior Schools and what the next 18 months will entail.

Mr Beardmore-Gray and Mrs Squire talked about the wide variety of excellent Senior Schools on offer and the admissions process for each one.  They explained that their aim is to help find the right school for the right boy, to enable him to thrive. 

They spoke about the importance of sticking together as a year group and offering moral support to each other during the process.

The boys were split into groups and each group spent time looking at the three components of the admissions process; Testing, Reference and Interview.

Mrs Squire talked to the boys about the Pre-Test and the difference between Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning.  The boys had a look at practice papers and had the opportunity to log on to Keystone Testing which helps them get their brain working the right way for the online tests. 

The boys got to grips with the interview process and had the chance to practise what they had learnt using role plays. 

Finally, the boys compiled their own CVs listing their interests in Drama, Music, Sport, Academics and highlighted aspects of their own personality.  The boys could see where there might be gaps and consider ways in which they could fill them going forward.  It was a useful exercise and got the boys thinking about all of the positive parts of their school careers.

The boys seemed to enjoy the day and feedback suggested they feel more prepared and a lot less daunted by what lies ahead.

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