Autism and ADHD peer group

Welcome to Moulversity!

On the final Friday of the Spring term, we held the first peer support group for pupils who have a diagnosis of Autism and/or ADHD. There was an excellent turnout for the group and the boys were all excited to be there. They have asked for the group to run on a half termly rather than termly basis, as initially suggested. We had two top runners for the group name: ‘The A-Team/squad’, or ‘Moulversity’. ‘Moulversity’ being the final resounding winner.

Max Green (IT support at Moulsford) gave a fascinating talk about his diagnoses of: Autism Spectrum Condition, ADHD and OCD. We took a look at some role models in the wider community such as: Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Michael Phelps and Templin Grandin. The boys introduced themselves and we moved on to some team building exercises. A lot of fun was had and the boys all surpassed themselves in the team games as you can see below.

Feedback from one of the pupils was: ‘What’s not to like? Pizza and fun team games? Even my brother was jealous.’ It was a really uplifting lunchtime and although talk of pizza featured heavily, I think all of the boys really welcomed the opportunity to gather together and recognise all of their many strengths and attributes and realise that there are other pupils who have similar experiences. The boys were all keen to find out more about one another, especially across the different year groups.

I am looking forward to the next one already!

Aimee Laming, Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist.

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