Anti-Bullying Week
Pastoral Whole School

Make a Noise About Bullying

This week has been Anti-Bullying Week with the focus on ‘Make a Noise About Bullying’. The week began with the whole school taking part in Odd Socks Day in order to recognise how we are all different and unique. Of course, Odd Socks Day wouldn’t be complete without playing Andy Day’s Odd Socks song (and some of you may remember that Andy came to Moulsford and opened our Pre-Prep).

Mr Hamilton-Smith took assembly on both Monday and Tuesday, which looked at the difference between banter and bullying and how we need to make sure that banter doesn’t turn into something more hurtful.

The boys in Years 3 to 8 all took a ‘Feeling Safe Survey’ during the week, which looked at friendship and how the boys feel about bullying and whether they know what to do if they ever see or experience bullying. It was particularly nice for the Year 3 boys to complete their surveys with their Year 7 buddies’ input.

Finally, next week we have Robert Higgs, author of The Boy in the Photograph, who is coming in to speak to Years 5 to 8 about anti-bullying.

It has been a very positive week.

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