School Council Meeting

Discussions and ideas

Mr Hamilton-Smith chaired a very productive School Council meeting on Monday where the boys shared ideas and opinions on all aspects of the school.

The boys discussed the playground and whether they could have basketball hoops to play with, as well as getting a timeframe on the replacement swing. They talked about improvements to the swimming pool and asked questions about the new Pre-Prep and road crossings. The boys also expressed an interest in having our own camera to live stream sports matches.

Sustainability was on the agenda with some of the boys feeling concerned about the return to paper housepoint slips. There was also a conversation about rewards for the winning house at the end of each term.

Some of the boys also raised the timing of music practices and whether some of these rehearsals could be moved to after school rather than at break times.

The meeting ended with lots of positive feedback about the new screen in the dining room which gives housepoint totals as well as highlighting players of the week in the various sporting fixtures and match scores. They would also like to see commendations highlighted as well.

Overall it was a very useful and positive meeting and some of these ideas will be discussed in more detail later on in the term.

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