Reception Parents Visit Forest School
Pre-Prep Parents Event

Wildcats and Tigers on the loose

On Monday the woods at our Forest School site held an extra air of excitement as some of the boys' parents came to join us for the session.  The Wildcats and Tigers were delighted to be able to demonstrate to their parents what to do when the call of "sticky feet'' echoed through the trees! Along with showing them where the boundary rope was, there was also some excellent feedback from the boys on our regular safety checks.  Everyone then dispersed to explore, use the rope swing, climb on the fallen tree, and dig in the digging pit.  After all the exciting activities we regrouped for refreshments and a story.  We finished off the session with a game of hunting the wooden squirrels or acorns! The boys were able to take an acorn from the woods home to plant at home. The weather held for us and everyone went home happy and full of brownies which Julie and her amazing team from the kitchen had provided. A lovely introduction to the ethos behind Forest School!

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