Anti-Bullying Week

Reach Out

This week has been Anti-Bullying Week with the focus on Reach Out. The week began with the whole school taking part in Odd Socks Day in order to recognise how we are all different and unique. The Headmaster's assembly on Tuesday followed the theme of celebrating difference and reinforcing the message of Odd Socks Day. Of course, Odd Socks Day wouldn’t be complete without playing Andy Day’s Odd Socks song (and some of you may remember that Andy came to Moulsford and opened our Pre-Prep in July).

Mr Hamilton-Smith did an Assembly on both Monday and Tuesday to discuss this year’s theme ‘Reach Out’. The theme is designed to empower children to do something positive to counter the harm and hurt that bullying causes. This has been reinforced in the Pre-Prep where the children have talked a lot about kindness.

Form Heads have followed up with the boys during form time and LFL (Learning for Life) and the Year 8s presented to each other about cyber bullying during their ICT lessons.

It has been a very positive week.

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