School Council Meeting

Feeding back to the Headmaster

The final meeting of the School Council for 2022 took place on Tuesday in the Headmaster’s Office –the first time the whole Council has been together like this since 2019! Having met several times this term, the team were looking forward to sharing their ideas with Mr Beardmore-Gray.

First on the agenda was a request for a stand-up camera to record sports matches. The boys have seen this system in use at some of their away matches and would be keen to look into it further for Moulsford.

The boys also asked the Headmaster about a roof for the swimming pool and he was able to feedback that the School is investigating this at the moment.

Other items discussed were portable basketball hoops for the astro turf, a trophy for touch-typing and classroom provision for boys to do Prep at lunchtimes.

These were all excellent suggestions and Mr Beardmore-Gray and Mr Hamilton-Smith will be discussing them further in the New Year.

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