Year 5 Explore the Celts
Trip Academic

Trip to Wittenham Clumps

After being thwarted by the weather last term, Year 5 were finally able to head to Wittenham Clumps on a Humanities site visit to tie in with their Celts topic. The boys were able to stand on top of the Iron Age fort and spot all of the elements that early Celts required for a settlement, for example a river, good building materials, surrounded by fertile farmland and the ability to spy any enemy ‘for miles’.

The boys were also able to see first hand the fortifications from the ancient hill fort and discussed the advantages of building at height as they viewed the landscape for miles. They were amazed by the depth of the hand dug ditch and were not sure if they would have liked to attack a defending force by running up it, especially into a hail of arrows and stones!

It was a great morning (and we just managed to avoid the rain!) and it really helped them to bring their topic to life.

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