Scot McNaughton - Head of DT
Head of Department

From a very early age, I have had an almost unhealthy interest in taking things apart, making slightly dangerous toys and building small temporary dwellings from whatever was available and not stuck down (my poor mother!).

This interest has developed over the years (and become a lot safer!) and grown into bigger and more complex projects but no less enjoyable and with the use of even more exciting machines and tools.

Aside from construction, I had other interests including running and music but one of my other passions during my school years was art, which led to the start of my working career in the printing industry and a progression in graphic design.

It was later in my career that I began to realise that teaching could be a profession in which I could continue to utilise my skills and inspire others at the same time so I completed a degree in Graphic Communication at University of Wales, Cardiff (my home city) and subsequently a PGCE in Design Technology.

All this means I now have the privilege of doing the things I enjoy every day and sharing the joy of making with our future designers and engineers and in addition to my ‘day job’ I also get to indulge in my other interests of climbing and paddling in my spare time and again, share these activities with our pupils at Moulsford. 

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