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At the end of last term the Learning Support department held their termly peer support group for pupils with a diagnosis of Autism and ADHD/ADD, known by the boys as the A Squad. Occupational Therapist Clare Jones joined them and the focus of the group was strengths and weaknesses. As well as fun and games, which included making egg catapults (brave we know!), we looked at two role models: Jason Arday and Dave Pilkey.

During the lunch the pupils and the LS teaching team took part in recognising their own strengths and weaknesses.  It is important for the boys to recognise that as adults we all have areas that we find difficult and that often we have built strategies to overcome them. It is worth taking the time to talk to your children about what difficulties you may have (e.g.; organisation, certain sports, or dealing with stress) and to explain that we learn to play to our strengths and develop the areas of weakness.

Within the group the boys were extremely mature and able to identify that they all have many strengths. The takeaway message was from Nelson Mandela and Jason Arday. Both men try to find out and remember three facts about others when they meet them and this is a really important social skill.

It was a real pleasure to run the group and we look forward to seeing all the boys together later this term.

Mrs Laming and Mrs Bush

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