Year 3 Spooky Fun

Forest School Fun for Halloween

Our Year 3 boys recently embarked on an unforgettable adventure to Forest School, and boy, was it a spook-tacular time! Underneath the golden autumn leaves and the crisp October air, our young adventurers embraced the wild with enthusiasm and creativity.  Armed with their imaginations and a few trusty tools, they set out to build shelters fit for forest explorers.  As they worked together, twigs and leaves took shape in their hands, transforming into cosy hideaways. Laughter filled the air! 

But the excitement didn't end there! A Halloween-themed lunch awaited our hungry explorers. Ghoulish treats and eerie eats were devoured with gusto, adding an extra dash of spookiness to the day's festivities.

The boys embarked on an artistic endeavour, hammering wooden golf tees into the pumpkin's orange surface, creating a mesmerizing spider's web. They meticulously wove wool to complete the design, and the result was nothing short of terrific! 

As the day drew to a close, the boys returned to school, tired but bursting with stories to share. The trip to Forest School not only allowed them to connect with nature but also to tap into their boundless creativity and teamwork.

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