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A fantastic selection of speakers for Spring 2024

After the excitement of our 50th talk with Rugby World Cup winner Martin Johnson before Christmas, this term we have welcomed another set of fascinating and inspirational speakers to Moulsford either virtually or in person.

Every week, I feel privileged to listen to such words of wisdom and there has been something to take from every talk.

A new initiative this term has been the introduction of another school joining us via zoom for the talks, as their Headmaster used to work at Moulsford.  Pennthorpe School near Horsham have thoroughly enjoyed their virtual visits to Moulsford.

Two highlights for me from this term are as follows:

‘I decided to use my disappointment and difficulties as an opportunity for growth’ (Alex Staniforth)

‘I came last in a cross-country race at 13. I realised later in life that I didn’t hate running…I just hated coming last.’ (Lucy Gossage- 14 time Ironman Champion)

Please enjoy the links below which tell you a little more about the speakers we have had this term.

Henry Weeks

Lord Hannan
Paul Hughes
Sarah Furness
Claire Lomas
Adam Rix
Alex Staniforth
Lucy Gossage
Oli France
Richard Frostick

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