House Triathlon
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Resilience and determination on show

Last Friday saw another sporting marquee event for Moulsford with the Inter-House Triathlon. As the sun peeked through the clouds and rain intermittently graced us with its presence, our resilient competitors, a staggering 275, took on the challenge with unwavering determination on the ergos, in the swimming pool and on the front field for the run.

The triathlon, a culmination of endurance and skill, unfolded with breathtaking statistics that underscored the magnitude of the event. A total of 17,600 metres were conquered in the swimming part where all the boys glided through the water with ease. Meanwhile, the rowing leg witnessed an astounding 108,000 metres covered on the ergos, a testament to the sheer tenacity and stamina of our participants. The addition of the boats on the screen spurred the boys on and the parents behind them really gave a ‘Boatrace’ feel to the afternoon. Not to be outdone, our pupils blazed through an impressive 143,300 metres in the final running lap, finishing by running towards the fans!

Across the six year groups, a total of 37 heats ensued, each brimming with excitement and adrenaline. Amidst the thrills and spills of the competition, our dedicated staff ensured the well-being of our participants and spectators, serving up a staggering 172 cups of tea to keep spirits high and energy levels replenished. Additionally, three cake runs and four ice packs provided moments of indulgence and relief amidst the intense action!

As the event unfolded, spectators marvelled at the sheer scale of the competition, with live updates streaming across screens, capturing every exhilarating moment. From the first stroke in the pool to the final sprint on the front field, the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie shone brightly.

As we eagerly anticipate the unveiling of the final results in assembly, let us take a moment to celebrate not just the victors but every participant who gave their all, pushing boundaries and really showing the school's values. The 2024 triathlon was not just a competition; it was a testament to the indomitable spirit that defines us as a community.

To our participants, parents, and spectators, thank you for your support and enthusiasm, which have made this event a resounding success. My thanks must go to all of the staff who made this possible. From race day set up, tech support, servicing of machines, catering and the event itself. It’s a team effort from Moulsford and they all played their part in ensuring all the kids participated and enjoyed themselves. An extra thank you must also go to Mr Corbett who masterminded the event, without his hard work and meticulous planning this would not have been possible.


Lee Chaffey

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