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A wide array of work on display

On Wednesday we held the latest Celebration Assembly showcasing the work of boys in Years 3, 4 and 5. Members of Year 8 teamed up with the younger boys to present the work to the rest of the school. There were some brilliant examples of work across a variety of different subjects and the Year 8s introduced the younger boys very well, especially as it was their first time doing it.

Celebrations this week…

Year 3 – Finley M and Bertie A were celebrated for their Maths division work

Year 3 – Sebastian G, Elis P and Henry S were highlighted for their Spanish work and even gave us a demonstration of their conversational skills

Year 3 – Thomas W showcased his excellent character description of a Viking boy called Vik

Year 4 – Jamie B and Sammy D were celebrated for creating an effective piece of stop-motion animation using a school blazer as the star! They showed great courage by going outside of their comfort zones and trying something genuinely challenging.

Year 4 – Felix B was applauded for applying excellent problem solving skills in his Maths work on dividing by 10 and 100

Year 4 – Angus B was celebrated for the huge amount of enthusiasm shown for non-fiction text writing.

Year 5 – William S, Heath J, Sam B, Harry R-C and Fenwick P-B all showed us their chalk pastel artwork of space and talked us through the process of creating them.

Year 5 – Harry R-C was also celebrated for his Star Wars research page.

Year 5 – Fenwick P-B was thanked for his kindness as he has taken the time to personally help others in the class learn their lines for the 5GS assembly and coach them in lightsaber combat.

This term the Celebration Assemblies also highlight which school value is on display and it was great to have Courage, Kindness and Curiosity showed off in abundance. Well done to all of the boys who took part.

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