I Can and I Am
Talks and Assemblies Pastoral

Year 8 welcome James Shone

This week we were excited to welcome the inspirational educational speaker James Shone back to Moulsford, this time in his double-decker bus! James started the day speaking to the whole year group, delivering his powerful ‘I Can and I Am’ presentation. He then welcomed the boys onto the bus with his team, where they cooked pizza and engaged in important small-group well-being workshops. During these discussions, the boys were encouraged to ‘inflate their balloons of self-belief’ and find ways to keep those balloons inflated. This was a hugely valuable experience for the boys, particularly in supporting and boosting their well-being and self-esteem.

For more information on James and the ‘I Can and I Am’ bus, please click on the video link, or visit the website: https://icanandiam.com/

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