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South Africa Tour Talks and Assemblies

Highlights from the 2024 Tour

Since the start of term, the school has been abuzz with tales from the South Africa rugby tour, which took place during the Easter holidays.  On Wednesday, all of the boys in Year 3 to 8 gathered to hear some more stories from the tourists, each with their own personal highlight.

After an injury at the end of term, Alex K found himself travelling on crutches, and at times, in a wheelchair. Whilst he was disappointed not to play any rugby, it didn’t stop him taking full advantage of the trip, including managing to get himself inside the dressing room after a Stormers rugby match!

The rugby was clearly a highlight for many of the boys and Harry K and Dan H talked us through some of their matches, including having the opportunity to play on a stunning pitch in Stellenbosch. The games were hard-fought (and played barefoot) and they explained it was very clear to witness just how seriously South Africans take their rugby!

John S had us all laughing with tales of the match played on ‘the thorny pitch’ with the boys spending large portions of the game (and for some time afterwards) picking paper thorns out of their feet!

Mr Weeks played us a video of his personal highlight which was stumbling across a school choir who were outside singing the most fantastic song.

Mr Albon said that his personal highlight was visiting Middlepos Farm and meeting Ingrid Lestrade from the charity Inspire, along with the children that the charity supports. The Moulsford community raised £100,000 for Inspire and the boys had the opportunity to spend time working on the farm and meeting the children to see how this money is being used.

For Oliver W, the safari was his favourite moment and he described how fantastic it was to have the opportunity to see lions, cheetahs, antelope, elephants, zebra and even a hippo yawning!

Ziplining in the Cape was a hit with Leo MM who described the adrenaline of knowing that you were only a few steps from death (!) as you hurtled down! He also talked about the kindness and reassurance shown to the boys by the guides who did everything with a sense of fun.

One of the most touching tales came from Caleb G whose personal highlight was simply the people. He described how happy and joyful everyone was, despite living (what could be perceived on the outside) a hard life. He reminded us that a smile goes a long way and we should all appreciate our own lives.

It was a fantastic summary of the trip and certainly inspired the younger pupils to visit South Africa if they have the opportunity later on during their Moulsford careers.

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