Safer Internet Day
Talks and Assemblies Pastoral

E-safety workshops for boys

On Monday, Alan Mackenzie, an e-Safety Adviser who has a long-standing relationship with Moulsford, presented workshops for the boys in Years 6 to 8.

In Year 6 he focused a lot on online safety and gave the boys helpful hints and tips on how to protect themselves online, including how to block people and how to use the settings on your phone. In Year 7 the focus was on how we communicate with each other online and Year 8’s sessions were geared towards understanding the motivations behind many gaming and online companies. Alan also included important advice about how to take an ‘in-moderation’ approach to gaming and social media.

The boys were very engaged and contributed some interesting observations about their own experiences of being online. Form Heads also attended the workshops, which enables them to fully understand the current issues surrounding the internet so that they can continue the conversation with the boys on an ongoing basis.

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