Christmas Productions
Whole School

Four different shows from Pre-Prep to Year 4

The whole of the Moulsford community has been involved in a Christmas performance this week from our smallest children, the Bobcats in Pre-School, through to our Year 8s. In the Pre-Prep we were treated to two fabulous productions, ‘Hey Ewe’ for the children in Early Years and ‘Starlight’ in Years 1 and 2. There were fantastic performances from all of the children with some great comic timing, loud confident voices and beautiful singing, including a tearjerker solo.

In a courtroom in the middle of Bethlehem, Year 3 gave us a very professional performance of ‘Straw and Order’ as Judges Grumps and Bumps tries to sort out the dispute between the cows and the donkeys, with the cows feeling pushed out of their stable after the donkeys invited over a whole host of people, including a baby! The boys in Year 3 worked so hard to make ‘Straw and Order’ a fantastic production for their families and sung and acted their hearts out.

The Year 4 concert featured a variety of musical instruments with piano, fife, clarinet, drums and cello all making an appearance alongside some fabulous singing and dramatic performances. The solos brought goosebumps to everyone and the boys who took to the stage demonstrated huge amounts of courage to perform in front of such a large audience. All of the boys worked so hard and performed to a packed theatre who left feeling suitably festive.

Thank you to all of the staff for your hard work in preparing the children so well. There were some incredibly accomplished performances and everyone involved can feel very proud.

Merry Christmas!

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