Year 8 and Pre-Prep Collaboration
Pre-Prep Pastoral

Connecting the Prep and Pre-Prep pupils

This week saw the start of a new initiative where pupils from Year 8 visit the children in the Pre-Prep for an optional lunchtime discussion group.

This week 16 pupils from Year 1 opted to join in and were split into three groups led by members of Year 8. Each group discussed a number of topics including; ‘What qualities make a good friend’, ‘what to do on a rainy weekend’ and ‘what your perfect day looks like’. Not only were there some lovely discussions taking place, (one Year 1 pupil was heard saying, “Friends don’t hurt your feelings and they won’t tell you that you’re not good enough to do something”) but all pupils were developing their conversational and listening skills.

Year 8 have been talking a lot about leaving a positive legacy as they prepare to leave Moulsford and recognise this as a great opportunity to utilise their lunchtimes for the good of the school and to act as role models to the younger pupils. We are sure that Year 2 are looking forward to their chance to get involved next week.

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