House Rugby Results

Which House was Victorious?

As the rugby season nears its conclusion, we've witnessed some exhilarating house matches over the past weeks, spanning across Years 5-8. Week 4 and 5 showcased the true spirit of competition and sportsmanship among our students.

In a display of skill and determination, two tournaments were held at the Year 5 level, featuring both contact and touch rugby formats, with points allocated to respective houses based on performance. These points were then combined with the Year 6 event, culminating in an intense showdown between Amundsen and Bering. Despite a valiant effort from both houses, the rules stipulated a tiebreaker was necessary. Remarkably, even after evaluating head-to-head matchups, the houses remained inseparable! However, after assessing tries scored, Amundsen emerged triumphant, claiming the top spot.

HouseUnder 10 PositionUnder 10 (NC) PositionColts PositionTries ScoredOverall Position

The senior event witnessed fierce competition across the Year 7 and 8 categories, with each house fielding exceptional representatives. The culmination of the tournament resulted in a thrilling four-way tie, with all houses securing 5 points. Once again, the resolution came down to head-to-head results and tries scored. In an impressive display of prowess, Drake emerged victorious, boasting a remarkable 21 tries scored.

HouseUnder 12 PositionUnder 13 PositionTries ScoredOverall Position

Congratulations are in order for Amundsen and Drake, who have earned the honour of retaining their respective trophies until next February. Their outstanding performances and unwavering dedication exemplify the spirit of Moulsford’s rugby tradition.

We look forward to another exciting season next year! 

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