Year 1 at The Story Museum
Pre-Prep Trip

Falling down the rabbit hole

What a morning of excitement the children had as they embarked on their journey to The Oxford Story Museum.  They went through the wardrobe to Narnia, went walking in the air, fell down a rabbit hole... and transformed into the Cheshire Cat, The White Rabbit and Alice.  The boys were taken round through the whispering woods and learnt the tale of the Coyote and the Fire and other mythological tales, told by the trees.  This was followed by the exhibition 'Brilli - Ant', where the boys interacted with problem solving tasks to help the insects in trouble from pollution and rubbish. 

Our guide, Emily, then told the story of ‘Mr Bump’ and the boys were then tasked to act out the story of a character forgetting who they are and the activities they may get up to.

It was a day enjoyed by all, inspiring us to create spoken tales of Mr Men, and maybe even write some of their own.

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