Year 2 Barefoot Walk

Year 8 helpers design a barefoot nature walk

As is now customary at the end of each term, the Year 8 Forest School helpers came out to the woods to join Year 2. This time the boys decided to organise a bare footed nature walk for the Year 2 pupils. One group planned the route over a variety of natural surfaces, whilst the others built a fire using the Kelly kettle to heat water for warm drinks and to wash very muddy feet! Lots of fun was had by the boys on the route, going through squishy mud, stepping on crunchy leaves, climbing on soft moss-covered logs, and tip-toeing around brambles and bluebell leaves. Once they had enough mud between their toes, the Year 8s were then on hand to help wash and dry feet and help get socks and wellies back on.

A big thank you to Year 8 pupils Zac M, Charlie N, Xander D and George A.

For photos of the walk please click here.

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