Year 2 Learn About Plants
Pre-Prep Trip

Visit to Sutton Courtenay Environmental Centre

What a fabulous day Lions and Leopards had at the Sutton Courtenay Environmental Centre!  To enhance our learning about plants we headed outside and discovered their wonderful learning area. We collected natural items and used them to create a plant, thinking about the different parts and labelling them. We then headed over to ‘Oscar the Oak’, the oldest tree at the centre and played a pollination game, where one member of each group was the flower and the worker bees had to collect pollen and take it back to the hive where the Queen Bee resided. Our final activity before lunch was to identify different herbs by their smell and appearance and use them to decorate a mini-beast.

After lunch we made our own little plant pots out of newspaper, we filled our pots with compost and planted a bean seed. We then used our senses to try and identify different trees. We worked in threes and one member of each group was blindfolded, the others led them to a tree and they had to feel the bark and roots. When the blindfold was taken off we had to guess which tree we had been feeling. Some of us felt a bit dizzy wearing the blindfold. Ethan O felt a bit scared because he wasn’t sure if he was going to bump into something and Alex W said he felt like he was in space wearing the blindfold!

Before we headed back to school we moved inside and put the blindfolds back on. Our guide read us a sensory story - while she read our teachers gave us things to feel, smell and listen to. The slug felt disgusting!

We had a wonderful, muddy day and learnt lots of new things.

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